pronounced [loo-muh-neyt]
Great, now that we've got that covered... let's shed some light on what we're all about.

At Lumināt we are committed to delivering a comprehensive line of supportive care services and patient generated health information technologies. We strive to improve individual experiences, enhance provider outcomes and reduce overall expenses.

Our leadership team consists of health care executives experienced in developing and leading companies in the healthcare technology, provider accountable care, population health management, health consumer, and health benefits sectors.


SupportScreen™ is an automated touch-screen tool designed to enhance patient care through identifying physical and psychosocial concerns, connecting patients to available resources, and communicating the patient’s responses with the care team.

Enlighten Decisions™

Enlighten Decisions™ is a proprietary software program that helps individuals consider, articulate and preserve their end-of-life wishes. This essential, turn-key tool facilitates a necessary, though often very difficult conversation through an easy-to-use, customized and interactive platform. Lumināt’s cloud- based technology gives users and family members peace of mind knowing an individual’s complete wishes, from medical care to spiritual beliefs and financial requests, are documented and can be easily retrieved during critical moments.

Patient generated health information (PGHI), its collection, management and application are tantamount to achieving a more effective and efficient health system. Two PGHI opportunities are advance care planning and biopsychosocial distress, and more exist.

In end-of-life approximately $70 billion will be spent over the next decade on unwanted health services
The cost and prevalence of chronic disease continues to rise and 55% of the impact on health is behavioral and social

Who We Serve

Hospitals, clinics, physician groups, health plans—Lumināt can help health care organizations of all kinds achieve the Triple Aim of improved quality of care, improved patient experience, and reduced cost of care. Contact us now to get started.

What We do

Health care organizations are ill-equipped to collect and manage direct input (i.e. patient generated health information) from their patients, member, users and their loved ones. Lumināt provides the technology, services, tools and know how to support the collection, management, application and sharing of patient generated health information.

Who We Are

The Lumināt team is made up of experienced physicians and health care executives. We are dedicated to helping health care organizations improve the effectiveness of their relationship with their patients, members and families.