SupportScreen™️ is full-screen co-browsing for customer support

Quickly and easily view and optionally remote control any customer's screen.
Shorten your customer support calls, reduce repeat calls and wow your customers.

Always works, easily

You won't find a smoother process for customers to allow remote view and optionally remote control of their screen. Any customer, no matter their technical ability or their computer type, can participate.

Suitable for all customers, even B2C

No support contract needs to be in place. Use it even for customers where a high level of trust has not been established. Remote control is optional, nothing is left on the customer's computer, and they can end remote view at any point. For 9 out of every 10 users, no download is required.

Seamless part of your brand

Fully white label and enterprise ready: Your look and feel, your domain name, integrated with your support desk, with fine grained access control and reporting capabilities.


To fully appreciate SupportScreen features, please request a demo.

Full-screen co-browsing

Your agent can ask their customer to let them view their screen, which the customer can grant without download in just a couple of clicks.

All desktop OSes supported

Customers using Windows, macOS, Linux or ChromeOS can join through a very simple process.

Optional remote control

Remote control of the customer's screen can optionally be requested, and requires only a tiny additional download. No administrative privileges needed.

Annotations and ready-to-go commands

Even without remote control, your agent can show annotations to guide the customer, and create ready-to-go commands for them to cut and paste.

Reassuring prompts

Multiple reassurances of privacy and security delivered by the system, and via prompts your agent is told to deliver.

Usually no download needed

>85%+ of customers just need to click to allow screen sharing in their browser. Remote control is a tiny add-on download when needed. No trace left behind.

Purely web-based for agents

Agents use any modern browser, no download needed.

Integrates perfectly

Always white label. SSO from your support desk. Two-way data integration with voice and chat-based support.

Customer satisfaction tracking

Enable a post-assistance survey to track customer satisfaction down to individual agents.

World-class reporting

Aggregate, per-agent, per-team reports including duration, setup time and customer satisfaction.


SLA, fine-grained access control and audit logging.

Secure and private

All data encrypted at rest and hop-to-hop. Video is never stored. Securely hosted with AWS. GDPR and CCPA compliant.

Advantage over competitors

SupportScreen is designed specifically for support teams dealing with users that do not have pre-installed support software, may not be technically savvy, and do not have a support contract in place with your organization, or even necessarily a high level of trust, yet require potentially full-desktop support that works every time.

SupportScreen TeamViewer or similar
Customer skill level required No install in 9 out of 10 cases. Very simple flow and automatic cleanup for the rest. Always an install, fairly complex, unless pre-installed by IT team. No automatic cleanup.
Trust required Low trust, no contract. Remote control is an optional add-on to screen sharing. Reassuring prompts given by system and by human agent (based on prompt suggestions). High trust or ideally a support contract. Download of native app can be scary for users. Limited reassurances by system, no prompt suggestions for agents.
SupportScreen Co-browsing solutions
Reliability Works every time, for every desktop and every browser. Works only if your customer is already able to successfully use your website.
Ubiquity Lets you support your customer with anything that is going on on their computer. Limited to helping the user within your own website(s).
Deployment No deployment needed. Fire up SupportScreen and help your customer with anything. Co-browsing code must be deployed to all your websites before it can be used.
Familiarity Screen sharing is a familiar and easy to understand concept for most users and all agents. Having a support agent interacting with web page at same time as you can be a confusing paradigm.

About us

SupportScreen™️ is a new product from CrankWheel, a veteran screen sharing provider with over 50,000 active users of our CrankWheel Screen Sharing product which is intended for sales professionals.